A Spring Capsuling Update

It's snowing outside. Just flurries, but in the past couple of weeks we've had a semi-storm, a nor'easter and constant flurries. Not to mention the sub-zero temperatures more reminiscent of January than March. Despite daylight savings time making it lighter in the evenings, I am not feeling the 'spring' vibe. Needless to say, my wardrobe capsuling … Continue reading A Spring Capsuling Update

Goal Achieved

I achieved one of my goals yesterday. I hand-dyed my own yarn. I've been wanting to do this for a few years now but really had no clue how to do it. But after spending a few months immersing myself in podcasts and YouTube tutorials, I felt ready to take on the challenge. There was … Continue reading Goal Achieved

The Power of Stopping

I'm on a break. I love being able to say that. I've mentioned before how I have spent the last, probably five years, writing non-stop. Even on vacations at the cottage in the summer, while my husband and stepson were down at the beach, I was slogging away in the bedroom under one deadline or … Continue reading The Power of Stopping

The Post Purge Office Organization

I am in the final stretches of turning my office into a library / craft room! But I ran into a bit of a hitch as I was decluttering and trying to re-organize the layout and how best to store things for optimum neatness. Because the room was previously used solely for my writing, it had two bookshelves … Continue reading The Post Purge Office Organization

Monthly Wrap Up – February

Well, February is almost at an end and I think the best way to describe this month for me is just that - it's almost over! Between snow storms and feeling under the weather and rescheduling and a general sense of ennui that always seems to hit this time of the year, I am glad to … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up – February

When Plans Go Awry

For the shortest month of the year, February always seems to feel like the longest. Maybe it's the crappy weather, the inundation of snow that feels never ending as it piles higher and higher on the snowbanks framing my driveway. Or maybe it is simply that I'm now thisclose to Spring yet it feels so … Continue reading When Plans Go Awry

Cutting Off the Cash Cow

The past few weeks have been expensive. Some of it was planned expenses (the down payment on our September trip to Slovenia/Austria/Italy and the downpayment for the cottage in PEI where we spend a week each summer) and some of it was me going a bit hog wild because I received a nice royalty payment … Continue reading Cutting Off the Cash Cow

Putting Words into Action

Okay, I have done it. I have decided to make good on one of my goals for 2017 and knit myself a sweater. I found an easy, knit from the top down pattern from Tin Can Knits that is your basic style pullover, exactly what I was looking for. It's from their Simple Collection so … Continue reading Putting Words into Action

Winter Wardrobe Wrap-Up

With Spring approaching (eventually...February and March are the longest months of the year, I swear), I've been taking stock of my current winter wardrobe to get a sense of what works and what doesn't. As it turns out - not a lot is working for me. Here's how things breakdown: Pants. I have 3 pairs of … Continue reading Winter Wardrobe Wrap-Up